Tarun K.Singh

Tarun K.Singh
My Writing is My Peace

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Laughing Tears

It was the time when I was amidst the crowd of cheering people and I found my presence lonesome. It happens when we really remember the people we really love and we really lived with them whenever staying along.

Touched hugged poured water on them
To many I never knew and not known I met them when?
Laughed sang danced fully, day was likely spent
Still eyes wet into tears fully drenched

It was on the occasion lovingly colourful Holi
Found my presence as cheering naively

When was the time I touched my sister tickling
When did I hug my parents to flaunt smile rippling?
Laughed at silly of brother or sang to tease
Staying alone for my isolated happiness did really make me ease?

Eyes wet for not being far but lacking being closer though close
Making those moments sparkle, regenerating affectionate arouse.

I Found My Pearl

There is nothing as beautiful as the moment your love is with you. Her love makes you feel finding the most precious wealth of the world.

In the search of pearl they dived, cracked many corals, hunt many beach
I saw my pearl under lids of your eyes-coral, hiding beneath
In the sprout smile of blossomed petals; your rosy captivating lips
In your ever welcoming arms, where warmth of your hug I ever seek
In the care you kept aside and made me feel your love indeed
In your every amusing word you speak, spreading around a mingled breeze

Be along be always my pearl in the heart of mine; oceans deep
With a promise, ever after, of our sacred love with sacred spirit

King of the Empire

There is no doubt if i say that we are the king of our own life. We lead it the way we want it to be. If we miss the pace of it then it leads to disaster and collapse the empire.

I am the king and I make it all done
To rule it my way to lead it my own
My empire “my Life”
My behavior as tiara and thoughts my throne
The tiara as beautiful as world witnesses
Throne as winsome as peace it expresses

The enemy once overpowers, collapses it all
Beauty of tiara fades, throne weakens and empire falls
Disguises to many faces, defeats and prisons
To drag once leading way and ruling by its own options
Enemy in faces of Ego, Jealousy, lie, disloyalty, deceit, lust
Greed, betrayal, bluffs, mislead and distrust.

Monday, 15 September 2014

The Inner Satan

Appears dreadful, heights gigantic,
Scattered haired, vitriolic eyed and voice abrasive
With deprived head bone garland, blooded swords
That’s how he looks heard in grandma’s story words

He is merciless, kills, beholds massacre
As uncivilized as animal not lesser
Devastates all fertile to turn it barren
The description what I got of a “Satan”

What if not appearance but remaining alike.
It’s also nowhere different and seldom to surprise
With an abeyance I tried bit introspection
And found,
Sometimes in mirror I eye contacted same “Satan”!

Merciless who killed many feeling and emotions
Of own love ones. Like animal with no eternal sensations
Devastated many hearts and thoughts as futile as barren

It described my “nowhere-different-inner -Satan”

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Dream: No Restriction

I could feel the joy many times within when i woke up with misty remembrance of my Dream. It never had limitation for me to touch anything or reach anywhere. My awakening left me with no presence where I was right away. I dug and hit my head to find out if I really forgot it.

Ran in the sky sometimes was flying
Me on throne and big proceedings of mine
In white beard I was, also as child with grandpa enjoyed
Frightened me paranoid streets, my heroics were eulogized sometimes

None is the place I am restricted to enter
Future of being on other gravity or in history of evolutionary adventure
Makes me do I ever wanted to
“The Dream”
Merriment exuberant state it takes me into.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The Green

What is more divine than Green, Joyous seeing The Green and lively being Evergreen. The Green could make me think of many of perspectives of Green to cheer my words.

It inked on plain surface my sketch pen with words in green
Drenched my eyes in green, thinking every aspects at earth queen
Dimmed my illumine lamps and within I lightened extreme
Sensed the desert longing for green and the autumn waiting spring
Political ecology defines the green, The Chakra of heart comes as green
Green they say is as joyous as with joy my mom was seen
Growing tree in stony land, sprouts leaves, seems air painted them green
The chlorophyceas layering submerged lotus and mountain slippery green
A green centred multicolour rainbow and gleaming dew drops adorn flora in green
Destroys capricious storm all even though, leading rain ensconces it green
Each fruit colors to any but from its primitive in green
The sweetness of belonging and love is where as denoted by Parrot, The bird green

Makes me curious more voracious when it comes me to think of green
Says let’s start, the life is sparkling ahead, just keep your surround evergreen

Monday, 9 June 2014

Entrenched To The Peace I Ever Chased

I’m entrenched.
So safe, away from fear
And worry free
Shielded to keep me safe of the cunning attacks
Numbed to be detached from loneliness
So no fear no worry I have
I’m entrenched

No attacks are attacked here
For prosperity or jealousy
No storm scares
To make me hide or protecting my suiting’s crease
Not even missing the occasion of my anniversary
Numb to longings too, coz
I’m entrenched

“In the box so called Coffin”
Protecting, keeping away from
All sorrows, worries, fears, scare, Detaching, longing, jealous
To rest in the ultimate peace I ever chased
And forgive me for inconvenience I made you all to face
With a promise not to reiterate

I’m entrenched